Our Story In Six Words

Our story can be summed up pretty easily: We have a passion for beer.

Our brewery all started on a napkin; a family home brewing hobby sprouting into a desire to establish Columbia, SC as one of the country's best craft beer cities.  Single pots in the garage evolved into a customized, built-from-scratch system.  And after years of extensive research and recruitment, we finally opened our brewery doors in November 2017.

Three years and a handful of medals later, we are continuously humbled by your support and maintain an ever-growing passion for brewing great craft beer.

Committed To More Than Just Beer

Quality, sustainablity, innovation, and hospitality are our core values.  Our talented brewers strive to stay current on brewing trends and techniques to offer a broad range of exceptional cutting-edge beers, poured by a warm, friendly taproom team.

Brewery Stein

Taproom Hostess
The Fun
Taproom Bartender
The Fun
Canning Process
Canning Process

The Crew Dedicated to The Craft

Meet the Columbia Craft Brewery team, a mash-up of smart people (teachers), creative people (artists),
business people (bean counters), and award-winning brewers (of course).

Shaun  Piggott
Shaun Piggott
Head Brewer
FAV: Vom Fass with Spruce Tips
Mazen  Cotran
Mazen Cotran II
General Manager
FAV: Pull, Dunkel, and Vom Fass
Teddy  Carper
Teddy Carper
Head of Sales
FAV: Zwickelbier and Sandvika
Melanie  Schmitz
Melanie Schmitz
Columbia/Upstate Sales
FAV: Coordinates and Zwickelbier
Cole  Caccavaro
Cole Caccavaro
Assistant Brewer
FAV: Bumper Stickers
Mike  Bies
Mike Bies
FAV: Coordinates
Drew  Pruett
Drew Pruett
Logistics Coordinator
FAV: Limoncello Sour and Hazy DIPA
Ricky  Sharp
Ricky Sharp
Front of House Sales
FAV: Doppelbock
Autumn  Melton
Autumn Melton
Front of House Sales
FAV: Patisserie
Alleigh  Brown
Alleigh Brown
Front of House Sales
FAV: Pink Guava Sour and Hazy Beer is Dead
Matthew  Duggan
Matthew Duggan
Front of House Sales
FAV: Festbier and Pina Colada Sour
Brian  Tazuma
Brian Tazuma
Front of House Sales
FAV: Batch 700 and Hop Acid
Alexis  Mynio
Alexis Mynio
Front of House Sales
FAV: Hazy Beer is Dead and Retracement
Carver  Moore
Carver Moore
Front of House Sales
FAV: Batch 700
Joey  Rose
Joey Rose
Front of House Sales
FAV: Macroeconomics and Apple Cinnamon Brown Sugar Sour
Brandon  Crawford
Brandon Crawford
Brand Mgr./Designer of Things
FAV: Zwickelbier
Justin  Strauss
Justin Strauss
FAV: Carolinian
Richard  Strauss
Richard Strauss
Founder/Chief Inventory Officer
FAV: Citrus All Pro
Andrew  Strauss
Andrew Strauss
Business Development Officer
FAV: Birra Argentinale, Macroeconomics, and Coordinates
Guiding Principles

BREWING - Remain true to our objective of brewing with excellence and consistency.

EDUCATION - Share knowledge as we continue to educate ourselves and our customers about the art of craft beer.

INNOVATE - Embrace new ideas yet always maintain a commitment to our brewing brand and culture.

OUR BREWERY - Provide a friendly atmosphere and excellent service for all our patrons.

PROMOTE - Serve as an active leader in order to promote Columbia as one of the best craft beer cities in America.

Sustainability Brewing

Brewing beer is one thing. Brewing it responsibly is something else. That's why we have put sustainable practices into place that include:

  • Recycling city water after using it and treating it with an in-house water filter
  • Having local farmers pick up the grain that's left over after we brew
  • Using eco-friendly can top rings
  • Using aluminum cans instead of bottles for recycling
Awards and Recognitions

MACROECONOMICS Lager - 2023 World Beer Cup - Gold for Contemporary American-Style Lager

Columbia Craft Hazy IPA - 2022 US Open Beer Championship - Silver Medal for Juicy/Hazy

Citrus All Pro - 2021 US Open Beer Championship - Bronze Medal American Pale Ale

Carolinian - 2020 Great American Beer Festival - Gold Medal for Golden/Blonde Ale

New Zealand IPA - 2020 US Open Beer Championship - Silver Medal for 41° 16' S 173° 17' E

Carolinian - 2019 US Open Beer Championship - Silver Medal for Golden/Blonde Ale

Citrus All Pro - 2019 US Open Beer Championship - Silver Medal for Pale Ale

Carolinian - 2019 SC Brewers Guild - Gold Medal Winner for Golden/Blonde Ale

One Year Anniversary Barrel Aged - 2019 SC Brewers Guild - Silver Medal Winner for Wood-and Barrel Aged Strong Beer

Citrus All Pro - 2019 World Lupulin Challenge - Silver Medal for Juicy Hazy Pale Ale