A New I.P.A is Coming!


Attention beer enthusiasts and tech aficionados! Columbia Craft is thrilled to introduce a groundbreaking fusion of craft beer culture and cutting-edge technology. We've partnered with Qwerky AI, leaders in the field of artificial intelligence and machine learning, to bring you something truly special: the "Intelligent Pint Assistant," or I.P.A. for short. This isn't your average beer buddy; it's a sophisticated AI sommelier, expertly trained in all things Columbia Craft.

Imagine visiting our website, in search of the perfect beer or maybe just curious about our brewing process. Instead of navigating through a traditional FAQ section, you're greeted by I.P.A., a virtual assistant with a flair for craft beer. Whether you're asking for a beer pairing for your spicy dinner, seeking a hoppy brew that's smooth on the bitterness, or curious about the backstory of our Citrus All Pro Pale Ale, I.P.A. is there to provide personalized recommendations, share insider stories, and even let you in on secrets about our limited releases.


But I.P.A. isn't just about answering questions. It's designed to be interactive, offering beer trivia to test your knowledge, engaging in light-hearted conversation, and even encouraging you to share your own beer dreams. The more you chat, the smarter it gets about your preferences, ensuring every recommendation is perfectly suited to your taste.


And here's a fun twist: I.P.A. loves to surprise! It randomly rewards engaging customers with a free beer. That's right, just by exploring your love for craft beer with I.P.A., you could find yourself enjoying a complimentary pint on us.


So stay tunned and keep visiting our website, and soon enough you can start a conversation with I.P.A., and dive into a world where your passion for beer meets the cutting edge of AI technology. You might just learn something new, make a virtual friend, and perhaps even enjoy a free beer. Cheers to the future of craft beer exploration!