From Local Craving to Global Glory:  Macroecnonomics Returns Home


Calling all craft beer enthusiasts and casual sippers alike! There's a local beer making waves on the international stage, and it was birthed right here in Columbia SC . Macroeconomics, the award-winning American Macrobrewery-style lager from yours truly, has just returned from a triumphant World Beer Cup roadshow, bringing back memories, future collaborations, and of course its Gold Medal.


Remember that crisp, light, and excessively drinkable lager you know and love? The one boasting 4.5% ABV and a unique blend of 6-row pilsner, flaked rice, and jasmine rice? That's Macroeconomics, a beer born in 2020 from a simple odd request at a craft beer taproom: “ya got anything like miller or bud light?”


Since then Macroeconomics quickly transcended its humble beginnings. It became a quick local favorite, only being released during summer months but then quickly became a staple in Columbia Craft's private label program, and earned the affectionate nickname "Macro." Now, thanks to its international travels, it's poised to become a major component in our beer portfolio.


Head Brewer and brainchild behind Macro Shaun Piggott is quoted saying “I love this beer, definitely, one of my favorites.  Exceptionally proud of where it came from and excited for where its going.”  Co-founder/COO Andrew Strauss sees Macro potentially becoming a year round staple in the portfolio, stating, "It's getting a lot of hype from the World Beer Cup and its release in the U.K in late 2023.  I would say its our number 1 prospect.”   The roadshow, taking Macro to renowned beer destinations like London, Banbury Oxfordshire, Amsterdam, Wales, and Scotland, proved its drinkability against diverse palates and fierce competition.


Macro is currently available on draft and in 12oz 6packs at Columbia Craft.  Since returning from its trip macro has secured several new accounts.  Be on the lookout, because this "delightful little day drinker" with its delicate notes of pandan and saltine crackers is poised to conquer taste buds near and far.