Comedy Night February 25th


Columbia Craft Comedy Night


  • Host: Ryan Easterbrooks
  • Bobby Bosket (Local)
  • Phil Carter (Local)
  • Comedian Pudgee (Local)
  • Michael Garrick (Local)
  • Brendan Townend (Savannah, GA)
  • James R Hustle (Charlotte, NC)

Brendan Townend is a displaced stubborn New Englander in the guise of a sweet Savannah gentleman. He is a standup comedian and the booker and host of The Savannah Comedy Underground, as well as the “brains” behind the “Savannah, City of” Instagram account, a depository for everything meme worthy about Savannah.

James R. Hustle is the perfect embodiment of his Name. He brings a fresh and unique outlook on life from a perspective not seen by many. Guaranteed to have you Hustling back to see him the next time he's in town.