Low Country Craft Distribution Signs Columbia Craft


Attention beer and beach lovers!

We are excited to announce that Columbia Craft has partnered with Low Country Craft Distribution to bring our delicious brews to even more people.  This new partnership will allow us to expand our reach to Myrtle Beach and surrounding areas, officially making our beers available throughout the entire state of South Carolina.

Low Country Craft is a family-owned independent craft beverage distributor based out of Charleston.  Their mission is to build long-lasting partnerships with high-quality, craft breweries, by sustaining and highlighting the integrity of the product, while serving the finest craft retailers across the state. 

Thanks to our partnership with Low Country Craft Distribution, it’s easier than ever to enjoy our handcrafted creations. Whether you're a fan of our classic India pale ale or our innovative sour beers, you will be able to find them at local bars, restaurants, and bottle shops up and down the South Carolina coast.

We cannot wait to see our beers in the hands of more people, and we hope you will join us in celebrating this exciting partnership. Keep an eye out for our beers to hit retailers today!  Cheers!