Raise Your Glasses to I.P.A- Our Intelligent Pint Assistant


Hey there, craft beer aficionados! Hold onto your hops because we're stirring up something that's going to revolutionize your pint-sipping experience. Say hello to I.P.A. — your very own Intelligent Pint Assistant! This isn’t just another chatbot; this is about adding a dash of artificial intelligence to your ale!


Teaming up with Qwerky AI, the wizards behind some of the smartest tech on tap, we've crafted an AI unlike any other. I.P.A. is your sophisticated beer sommelier, brimming with brewing know-how and personalized pints of wisdom. Whether you're a newbie to the brew scene or a seasoned sipper, I.P.A. is here to guide you through the robust flavors and rich histories of each Columbia Craft beer.


But wait, there’s more froth to this beer! Struggling to choose a snack from the Parabellum Food Truck? I.P.A. will pair your brew with the perfect bite, enhancing every gulp with gastronomic guidance. It's like having your own personal beer buddy, always ready to serve up the next best thing.


And because we love our beer-loving community, we’re making your visits to Columbia Craft even more rewarding. Adults aged 21 and over who chat with I.P.A. might just find themselves sipping on a free pint, on the house!


We’re thrilled to be the pioneers in South Carolina’s hospitality industry, blending tradition with tech in a way that’s never been done before. Ready to meet your match in a glass? Swing by Columbia Craft and let I.P.A. make your next craft beer experience one to remember!


Cheers to innovation and intelligent conversation—let’s drink to that!