5YR Celebration Happening All Week Long


We are turning 5!! Come down and celebrate all week long. Giveaways + 5yr Swag + Barrel-Aged Releases

Monday's Release - 1st Anniversary Bourbon and Brandy barrel-aged Imperial Stout with cinnamon and vanilla 11.0% abv. We held back a portion of this behemoth last few years for a special occasion, and well, here we are.

Tuesday's Release - 2nd Anniversary Bourbon barrel-aged Imperial Stout 10.6% abv. We let this bad boy rest for 16 months in bourbon barrels before picking out our favorite barrels and blending them together. Straight up, no treatment.

Thursday Release - 3rd Anniversary Barrel-Aged Stout - our 10.1% ABV imperial stout with cacao nibs, coffee, black walnuts, and Ugandan vanilla.

Our 3rd year anniversary release began with our fresh imperial stout being racked into 1st and 2nd-use bourbon barrels in 2019. After a lengthy residence of 12-18 months, we then selected barrels that were deemed exceptionally tasty and treated them with cacao nibs and Ugandan vanilla. We proceeded to blend the aforementioned barrels, and re-circulated this amalgam through a hefty amount of coffee and black walnuts.

The resulting blend has an aroma that is overwhelmingly reminiscent of a Hershey’s chocolate bar, molasses, vanilla, and a touch of bourbon. Flavors abound with chocolate, toffee, caramel, cinnamon, and allspice at the forefront. All of these wonders are brought together by a mouthfeel that is rich.

Friday Release-  4 Year-Anniversary Double Barrel-Aged Imperial Stout with Ugandan Vanilla and Ceylon Cinnamon, 10.8% abv. Delve into a whimsical amalgam of liquid that underwent a 17-month residency in maple syrup ex-rum barrels and an 18-month occupancy in Weller, and Basil Hayden bourbon barrels.  Molasses, rich chocolate, and sweet bourbon overwhelm the sensory while French toast, maple syrup, and chocolate croissant dominate the palate.

Saturday Release- 5-year Anniversary Barrel-Aged Stout, our 11.0% abv Barrel-Aged Imperial Stout w/@IndahCoffee, Maple Syrup, Ugandan Vanilla, Ceylon Cinnamon, and Lactose. Wake up to a blissful liquid breakfast of maple syrup drenched pancakes, caramel vanilla latte, and rich chocolate rum cake. An exercise in indulgence born from imperial stout and an 11-month nap in Maple-ex Rum and Cognac barrels. 5 years in; no holding back.