Happy 6 Year Anniversary


Dear Customers,

Today 6 years a go we opened up Columbia Craft Brewing Company with 8 beers on tap.  Do you remember the lineup?  

As we raise our glasses to celebrate another year of crafting exceptional brews and fostering unforgettable connections, we want to express our heartfelt gratitude to all of you for being an integral part of our journey.

In 2017, we embarked on a mission to bring the passion and artistry of craft brewing to Columbia, South Carolina. With a leap of faith and a thirst for innovation, we opened our doors, eager to share our passion for handcrafted beers with our community.

You welcomed us with open arms, embracing our vision and sharing our enthusiasm for the craft. Your unwavering support has been the driving force behind our growth, allowing us to expand our brewery, tap into new brewing techniques, and continuously refine our offerings.

Over the years, we've witnessed your loyalty, from your first hesitant sips to your now-familiar faces that grace our taproom. You've joined us for countless celebrations, shared countless stories, and created memories that will forever be etched in our hearts.

As we reflect on the past six years, we are filled with immense gratitude for the incredible community support. You are more than just patrons; you are our friends, our family, and the reason we do what we do.

Thank you for being a part of our journey. We are honored to have you as part of our Columbia Craft family.

Cheers to six years of brewing exceptional beers and cultivating meaningful connections. We look forward to many more years of raising our glasses together!

With heartfelt appreciation,

Check out some throwback pictures below