Award-Winning US craft breweries coming to the UK


New online platform aims to be UK gateway to fresh and award-winning US beer.

Craft beer enthusiasts in the United Kingdom have a new reason to celebrate with the launch of “The Beers of America,” an online store dedicated to bringing the finest American craft beer to the British shores.

The company said this venture promises to provide UK customers with consistent access to an exceptional selection of fresh, affordable, and award-winning brews from some of America’s most innovative craft breweries.

“The Beers of America” currently boasts an impressive lineup of four esteemed American craft breweries: Columbia Craft, Peak Drift, Edmund’s Oast, and Sycamore. Each brewery brings its unique flavours and styles to the table, ensuring a diverse and thrilling range of options for beer enthusiasts. And the excitement doesn’t stop there, as six more breweries are set to join the lineup in 2024, promising even more variety and excellence.

What sets “The Beers of America” apart from the rest is its commitment to delivering freshness and quality. Among the selection, customers will find gems like GABF Gold Medal winner, Carolinian, and World Beer Cup Gold Medal winner, Macroeconomics from Columbia Craft, along with a host of other incredible beers including Leather Jacket from Edmund’s Oast, which was just voted the fifth best beer in the USA by Wine Enthusiast.

To ensure that these exceptional brews reach customers in pristine condition, all beers are packaged no more than three weeks before shipping, where they are shipped in refrigerated containers, maintaining their optimal temperature throughout the journey.

Once the beers arrive in the UK, “The Beers of America” goes the extra mile to guarantee their freshness. A custom-built cold storage facility, capable of holding up to 3,000 cases at full capacity, awaits these outstanding beers. This state-of-the-art facility ensures that each can is kept at the perfect temperature, preserving the flavours and aromas that make American craft beer truly exceptional.

“As lovers of American craft beer, we are thrilled to introduce ‘The Beers of America’ to the UK market,” said Founder, Matty Cartwright. “Our mission is to make these incredible beers accessible to beer enthusiasts who are as passionate about quality and innovation as we are. With our dedication to freshness and a curated selection of award-winning brews, we are confident that ‘The Beers of America’ will quickly become the go-to destination for craft beer lovers across the UK.”

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